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The body is made out of natural fiber(fique) It comes with a removable chain made of quality metal buckles. Internal lining in cloth.

This backpack is versatile, it has two modes of use, it can be worn long to cross or short.

We have designed a piece that brings together the favorite elements of our essence: leather, crochet and hardware. A bag designed for cosmopolitan souls who find in fashion a way of telling the world who they are wherever they go.

For the creation of this bag we explore the cultural heritage of the Wayúu people and through it we design a piece that we want to become a must for you. Each bag is hand-woven for approximately 15 days by a Wayúu artisan. Later it is intervened with contemporary details by another craftsman in our atelier in Cali.

We believe in a “Chain of Love” where all the people involved in the creation of the piece that comes to you, receive recognition and respectful treatment. In this way we support the communities consistently and honestly throughout the year.

Our bag is lined inside in textile.

We hope you enjoy your bag as much as we did creating it!

The measurements may vary a few centimeters as it is a unique handmade product. Composition

Size U
Height: 38 cm
Width: 38 cm
Chain: 122 cm


100% natural fiber fabric
internally lined in textile
Zamak hoops with gold bath.



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