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Behind the brand

Before she graduated as a Psychologist she dedicated herself to travel the world driven by her passion towards cultures, colour, different customs from each country and the art that lives within.

She worked during several years developing her career but always feeling that something was missing.

She wanted to mix art, colour and social work and this is how she took the most important decision in her life: working with artisans in Colombia.

Jessica started with the Wayuu community in La Guajira who she considers artists from head to toe; they pass art through their hands from generation to the next generation.So, with all the respect towards this artisans and her determination she decides to co-create articles with them: “Mochilas” with mixes and measurements at risk combining different textures with leather that started a long journey where she dedicated to work, not only with the Wayuu community, but also with different ones like San Jacinto (Bolivar), Usiacuri (Atlantico), Arhuacos (Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta) among others.

Jessica Strelec

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